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Wedding Party Planning Dos And Dont’s

Do you know what it takes to pull off the perfect summer wedding? How to make sure that your guests leave your wedding with nothing but wonderful memories? Learn everything you need to know in these summer wedding dos and don’ts.

Do: Provide shelter. Let’s face it, summer can be hot, hot, hot! Despite that, it is also the most popular season for outdoor weddings. If you are planning to have an outdoor ceremony or reception, you owe it to your guests to provide them shade from the sun’s rays. Set up your ceremony seating in the shade of trees and put a tent over the reception tables. Everyone will enjoy your wedding a lot more if they are not hot, sweaty, and sunburned.

Don’t: Think that a summer wedding must have a beach theme. Sure, if you are getting married by the sea, you might want to go with a beachy or nautical motif for your decorations, bridesmaid jewelry gifts, and wedding cake. But if you are having your summer wedding in a landlocked location, why not explore the many other wonderful themes that are available? You could have a Great Gatsby lawn party, a vintage Americana barbeque, or a romantic garden wedding. By choosing something other than the default beach theme, you will make your wedding more unique.

Do: Choose breezy wedding attire. A heavy satin bridal gown on a July day? Forget it! You will look more seasonal and feel more comfortable in a gown made of softly flowing layers of chiffon or a lightweight silk organza. The same goes for your attendants. Why make them suffer in satin or taffeta when they could be cool and fresh in a crisp polished cotton or organza dress? Even the bridal jewelry and bridesmaid jewelry can be lightened up by choosing an airy tin cup necklace or a pendant over a full strand of pearls.

Don’t: Let your wedding cake melt. A buttercream or whipped cream frosting will turn into a runny mess on a hot summer day. Fondant will hold up better in the heat, and even that needs to be protected from direct sunlight. In some cases, it is best to bring out the cake shortly before serving, rather than leaving it on display for hours. If you are having an indoor reception, be sure that the cake will not be displayed in front of a sunny wedding for the same reasons.

Do: Embrace the lighthearted spirit of the season. A summer wedding is the perfect excuse for a great party, and there is no need to be too serious. Feel free to do something fun like decorate with vivid colors, wear a short wedding dress, or have an ice cream truck at your wedding reception. It will make your summer wedding a wonderful experience that everyone will always remember.

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